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Those days are long gone when a borrower had to beg from the bank manager to get a mortgage approved. Now there are plenty of mortgage reduction specialists providing various mortgage reduction methods in the market with various flexible payment options and interest rates  and plenty of funds and mortgage money to go around.

If you are really interested in knowing how to reduce mortgage interest payments , then it would be a wise decision to review your mortgage options at this time, there could also be a possibility that you could end up saving thousands of dollars in mortgage payments simply by reviewing your options. You can also use our mortgage reduction calculator to know your best options. Every borrower should effectively review his/her options every 6 months to get the latest offerings.

Best Mortgage Reduction Advice

  • To negotiate a better deal be ready to offer a bigger and better deposit or down payment. The bigger your deposit, the better your chances of negotiating a good deal.
  • Be ready to negotiate all fees and establishment costs for a better option.
  • Ask for a revolving credit option, this option applies when you can credit your fixed salary or income into a mortgage repayment. Only a part of your income will obviously go towards repayment, as you would need the rest of the income for your monthly household and personal expenses, thereby you will be left with an option to draw down on your regular income. This facility helps to reduce your mortgage and interest payments over the term of your mortgage by many hundreds of dollars. Make sure you discuss this option with your bank.
  • Make sure you are able to pay off as much as you can, instead of keeping loans on yourself. Increasing repayments by a very little amount every week, can take many years off of your mortgage.
  • Always look for options to pay off your mortgage as quickly as you can, look for variable options to speed up your repayments, do make lump sum payments when possible, and increase your rotational payments from salary to clear off your debt.
  • Getting a lot of bank loan is not necessarily a good thing, just because banks are willing to offer more doesn’t mean you need to take more than needed, because bank are trying to maximize their profits by dishing out more loans as it’s good for their business. Think carefully before adding up your mortgage, buying that new car, making modifications to your house for example. You can only really start saving for your future once you have cleared your mortgage. Any small loan no matter how minute it is can add up many years to the life of your mortgage.
  • Be aware of application and establishment costs, apart from just the interest rates when taking a mortgage.
  • Always be aware of the charges, fees or penalties that you may incur on lump sum payments, or early repayments. Fixed interest loans are more prone to such type of charges usually. It is wiser to save up money in another bank account and accumulate it a little bit before you can make that lump sum payment.
  • Always arrange for a loan at the start of your house buying process, your ability to negotiate will usually go down once you have found the house of your dreams.
  • It is not required to have a mortgage with your own bank, there are many lenders available now a days so it’s always better to shop for the best option before you settle into a mortgage.
  • At elite wealth creators we are focused at providing you with the best mortgage reduction advice and mortgage reduction tips right at your fingertips
  • Mortgage reduction tax consequences are great and when done correctly it can reduce your mortgage interest payments and can cut down your mortgage cost .