Elite Wealth Creators, has been in the property and finance industry for over 20 years. We help property investors and first home buyers achieve their goal of owning either an investment property or purchasing their first home.

We offer the following services for investors:

We use our 20 years of experience to identify and purchase property that has unrealised capital gain through market analysis in all capital cities across Australia. We can facilitate and negotiate both acquisition and finance strategies to give our clients the most value. The key factor to our success is our ability to source property (often off the market) to suit the financial capacities of our clients.

First Home Buyers:

We help our first home buyer client to achieve homeownership with $10,000 in Savings through our NANO-DEPOSIT fast track homeownership programme.

  • You Don’t Need a 5%, 10% or 20% Deposit
  • Saving them thousands in Rent
  • Start paying their own mortgage, instead of someone else’s
  • We find the right property that they can afford based on their borrowing capacity
  • We structure their loan, where we show them how to pay off their mortgage years in advance saving them thousands in interest instead of the bank. Put money back in their pockets