The fact that we have been in the property and finance industry for over 25 years helping investors achieve their financial goals and plan for retirement, we now wanted to be part of the solution to the housing crises; may perplex some. We get asked, why help us? The fact is we care for the real estate industry and feel that first-home buyers deserve a chance to buy if they want to…and by caring enough, we created a program/ a solution to help first home buyers secure a home loan and property. Now that you know it is possible you have a choice

If you are a First Home Buyer with savings of at least $10,000, and you can provide work history and rental history that prove your capacity to make repayments, please fill in our assessment form and we will be in contact. Or you can contact us for a chat.

No, we're mortgage brokers.

We provide the loan structure and property that suits the first home buyers savings and borrowing capacity.

Yes, When you purchase and settle, the Buyer receives 100% ownership of the title and the keys to their First Home.

We work with a variety of Approved Lenders who believe in the principles of our program and have products that match the needs of First Home Buyers

Stamp Duty requirements tend to vary from each State and Territory in Australia. Visit learn more.

Yes, you're entitled to the state governments first home buyers grant. If you're an Australian Citizen and sign a building contract by the 31st of December 2020, you will also be entitled to the $25k builder boost grant.