There is no charge for us finding the property and finance deal. We earn our money from the developers/builders and the banks for whom we sell the property and write the investment loan. As we always have your best interest in mind and we strive to get the best property and finance deal for you at the best price and best rate. This will help you build equity faster and you would be able to duplicate and buy more properties through us.

We are not aligned with any specific builder, developer or lending institution. Our goal is to get you the best property and finance deal that suits your financial situation right now and also for your future goals.

We research through Domain, Realestate, SQM, RP Data, Core Logic. We also do physical visits to growing pockets all around Australia.

We look for properties in an area that have low vacancy rates, as this is the indicators of property capital growth as well as rental yield growth. We do offer  Rental Guarantees from 3 years up to 10 years in most areas.

We don’t have a crystal ball (unfortunately). We recommend to buy in areas that have high infrastructure funding, shopping facilities, hospitals, schools, universities, transport facilities and the population is growing as well.

Yes, we do. We have been in the mortgage industry for over 25 years and have 32 lenders on our panel.

We only deal in brand new properties. As an investor we want you to get maximum tax deductions and that only happens with brand new properties.

We offer the following properties.

  • House & Land Packages
  • Completed Houses
  • Dual Income Properties
  • Duplex
  • Townhouses
  • NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme Properties) with high rental yields. From 10% up to 16%