Here at EWC we are your one stop shop that can help you grow your investments portfolio all the way through to structuring your finance and showing you how you could pay your Mortgage off years in advance by using our Mortgage Reduction Strategy and finding you the right Positive Cashflow Property as the investment wheel to reduce your DEBT and create WEALTH.

The banks will structure a home loan for a 25 or 30-year term. This allows them to maximise the interest payments they will receive from you. But it need not be this way. Reducing the term, and the amount of interest you will pay over the life of your mortgage is quite a straightforward process. By applying a few basic strategies, one can pay off one’s home loan in half the mandated time or less, without making any additional repayments over and above those usually required. How is this possible?

The key principle of Mortgage Reduction is that “Interest is calculated on the daily balance”. Therefore, the day-to-day balance of the mortgage account has a significant impact on the interest charged on the loan, and therefore the term of the loan.

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