The following is an overview of how a SMSF can be of advantage to you and what I would like to propose. Please note, this is general in nature and does not constitute financial advice until we have provided a Statement of Financial Advice (“SoA”). For further information call: 1800 761 193 or complete the from below.

Overall there are many benefits of managing your own SMSF. The key benefits are :

  • Control – choice of investments and the timing of asset purchases and disposals
  • Flexibility
  • Strong Estate Planning strategies as we briefly mentioned.
  • Smarter financial strategies to work with than a normal retail Superannuation fund, and I like to call a SMSF;
  • A Family Fund. This trust, is not only an asset protection vehicle but it will also fund your financial future.

I can advise, educate you, and all the trustees, with the running of your SMSF. Many advisers and administrators* don’t realise your SMSF needs to read like a story and provide a ongoing status of the fund. Apart from the setup of the SMSF there are three stages; Accumulation, Pensions and Estate Planning. The SMSF can accommodate for anyone within the fund at various stages of the Fund cycle.

Assets you can acquire?

Essentially anything you like as long as it works in accordance with the SiS Act and the sole purpose act.

Acquiring a property and borrowing?

To acquire the investment property you will need another Corporate Trustee and a Bare Trust (also referred to as a custodial trust) we can easily arrange and work with your lender to ensure that the trust deed allows for the lenders requirements. The Super fund pays the deposit and all cost.